Some think it can be a pain in the rear to have to get your physical done yearly, teeth cleaned and all of your shots up to date, but that’s the military. They call it medical readiness just in case, and for me, the just in case is getting closer and closer everyday. I’ll be hitting the road again in Oct to see the family before I take off for a year. Don’t know what my pups are going to think happened. They will have their bed and house while I am gone, but they will have to sleep without me. I was able to take care of my hearing and eyes this morning. I’ll be complete on Wednesday after my physical. Then it’s packimg, repacking and again re-packing. I am trying to go,with one bag. It’s not looking good right now.

Four days of work left, if you want to call it that. I have no computer and there’s nothing for me to do there. I used someone’s computer today while they were at lunch. Now it’s really just a waiting game. I tried to get my car taken care of this past week but they didn’t have all the parts. The passenger airbag system needs replace. It’s been on the recall list for sometime so I just have to wait on that too. It gets frustrating when your trying to get it all done but there’s just no help.


My boys again, Shiner the Cattle Dog and Jäger the Lab.

Until Next-time , Be Safe, Have Fun and Explore!