I can’t  say a whole lot about when exactly I fly, but I can say soon enough. I am trying to get myself together and man is it draining. Call insurance company, phone, take care of car storage and of course my two fur babies. I need to get my brother a power of attorney for the pups as well as for the vehicles and my travel trailer.  I am thankful my brother is retired and is able to come to El Paso and take care of them. I couldn’t imagine placing them in a kennel for a year. When I went to South Korea for a year I only had one small pup at the time, Tinkerbell, whom I just lost on the 4th of Sept. She was my black and tan chihuahua. Tink was 16 years old and had congestive heart failure and fluid on her lungs. My Dad took care of her while I was in South Korea, but he is up in age now and has dogs of his own and I have two.

Back in 2008 when I deployed to Iraq, it was a 15 month tour. I was married at the time so there was a lot less to do. The house wasn’t going anywhere and I had no need to suspend anything. I had to drag a lot of gear with me to include my weapon. This deployment is going to be a little different. I’ll get my gear when I get there, so I am trying to pack one bag, a backpack and a purse. I have most of the things in my bag now, but there are things that will need to go in before I head out. It’s not looking good. I am going to have to make some changes. I can always buy what I need when I get there, but I am cheap. Hate to buy what I already have.

I dropped off my documents to the post office for my updated Passport. Hope I get it back before I fly. I paid the extra $60.00 for the expedited book. I hadn’t gotten the name change on it since the divorce was final last year. My drivers license, SSN card, license to carry and my credit and debt cards are all good to go. I need the passport if I am going to travel while I am overseas and I am going to try.

I still have a few things left to do. Shiner went to the vet last week and received his boosters for the year along with his supply of heart guard. Jäger will go the end of next month. Makes it easy for my brother. Shouldn’t have to go to the vet at all, I hope. Incase he does, they have insurance, so I am feeling safe financially if something does happen.

My Mom will be here next week for about a week to visit. I head out with the pups a day or so after to Ohio to see my Dad and then to West Virginia to see the kiddos and grand-babes. I need to update some Buckeye gear as well. I’ll be staying at a state park in Ohio. Should be interesting. Heading back to the same spot in West Virginia, a place in Weston called Broken wheel. Very nice, green and peaceful. They have a little pond we can fish in without a WV license. It will be a really good time.


Until next time, Be Safe and happy camping!